Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Phase One: Site selection.

 I tried to find a small area that would most likely never be considered for crops and that was in proximity to existing or potential pollinator habitat. Naturally, the best spot I could find was the south side of our pole barn. This is what is looks like now.

This door has never been hung

I would consider just cramming all this stuff into the barn so I could start right away preparing the ground for my long list of flowering perennials, self-seeding annuals and temporary plants, but that idea was not an option since this is what the inside looked like when I started...(can you see the broken door? No? That's the problem.)

So, first things first. The next several weeks will be spent organizing the barn so there is room to store the outside stuff .


  1. Great photos, Matthew! Wow, when you see a close-up picture of just the junk, it really is amazing how messy that area really was. You have made tremendous progress already. We all appreciate your dedication.

  2. Thanks Cali! I am hoping to do some before, during and after shots to track the evolution of the site. You know how it is, it's a fun job, just time consuming.